The Little Dragons by Rowan Starsmith

This book is written from the perception of MANY people; think of a movie jumping from person to person in the story until they all come together and everything makes more sense.

I do not enjoy those types of movies, and therefore I did not really enjoy this book. I thought the concept of the book was interesting, which is why I went ahead and downloaded it. Plus, most of the reviews for it were really positive. I, however, am going to agree to disagree with those reviews.

I think that this book has to have a definite audience and would not appeal to the masses. The concept is a fantasy world where at one time there were dragon priestess’ that had “little dragons” which communicated with the big dragons (regular sized dragons) and feed them and made the world a safe place.

Then a group of people came and killed the priestesses and the little dragons in order to attain power thinking they could control the huge dragons. This caused chaos and the everyone had to do everything at night as the dragons ruled the day.

The parallels that I drew basically could be any “native/minority” story. Where the white (staunch upper class) man comes in and rapes the land and destroys the way the world is run in order to control the minorities. (In this case the earth people, who happen to be brown and of course any one who has homosexual tendencies.)

The story could have been so much more than it was, yet, I felt that from the different perceptions, the sexual tones (anti-gay), the author could have touched on these in a better way that wasn’t a distraction from the story. (Government ruler kills/tortures anyone who is different whether based on color or sexuality). The things that were touched on weren’t done in a way to add to the story line, they were in fact, out of place a lot of the time.

Conceptually the idea was interesting. In action it was weak. I wouldn’t recommend this book. If the author wrote another one and touched on these ideals, I would recommend a more fluid format to reach the reader instead of the disjointed view of so many different individuals. Again, I realize some people like that, I just am not one of them.

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