The Bloodstone Saga: The Complete Collection Courtney Cole

As with all books; the first one in the series Every Last Kiss is free.  After reading it, I decided to go ahead and invest the $9.99 for the “series” – [Fated $2.99, With My Last Breath & My Tattered Bonds] which consists of 689 pages. Now, these are not true pages, as each book runs just shy of the 300 mark with a few pages of author commentary at the end of the book, explaining her thought process in the writing; where the idea for the story came from.

I enjoyed the author’s thoughts about each book story-line, and because she used some historical myths, etc. which were altered to fit the story, she explains her reasoning. Of course, as a myth, I think there is quite a bit of allowance for creative licensing although die-hard’s will not see that. [The story lines she touches are Cleopatra, Camelot, and then some of the greek legends.)

This series is very creative in its take. From reading the small “about” I wasn’t quite sure what it would be about beyond re-incarnation. However, as you follow the story it has good development. The characters are consistent and well written.

Even though the series is a bit ‘short’ (I can easily read a couple hundred pages in a few hours) I did find that I read this book more slowly, in other words it was not a page turner for me. I found that I could put it down, and come back to it.

While the story is very creative, with its takes on history, espeically mythology; and even with its twists (the author did well with changing up where the story was going.) I felt that it could have had more character development; I didn’t feel the character’s “growth” during everything that was happening, they remained consistent to who they were. I think that there was plenty of room for real growth here.

I did love the strength of the ‘soul mate’ relationships. I am a romantic by heart and the fact that their bond(s) were so strong during the story(ies) was really a nice change of pace to read.

All in all, it is a well written, creative piece of work and I would recommend it.

Genre: I categorized this as historical romance and fantasy due to the subject matter. This is not, however, a die hard and true to history; so if you are a history buff or a mythology major you would need to read as if it were a grain of salt.

Audience: Teens and above could read this book. I found nothing in it to be offensive or overtly sexual. Although, there are a few “nude” scenes and sexual innuendos that occur but are historical true to the time periods.

Summary: I purposely didn’t hit too much on the story line in my review. I think creatively speaking, there are too many ways to give away the twists and turns in reviewing this book and I really don’t want to do it. Beyond what I have said about the time settings that occur; I think it is worth the read. The first book sets the tone for the series and if you like that (free read) then you will enjoy the others.

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