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The Most Beautiful Puppy in the World

My very first Northwest Farm Terrier, he has been a wonderful surprise.

Although these dogs can be quiet high energy, I have been so happy with the way that he is turning out. He is extremely intelligent and quick to learn, for the most part.


Book Reviews

I am in love with reading. It inspires the imagination and takes us to worlds we could not otherwise enter.

My passion for reading has followed me through to my adulthood and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I have read so many books lately; some are excellent and some not so much, that I have decided to start “reviewing” them as a way to keep track of my reading.



As I learn…

I am attempting to learn to become a better photographer. I am sure this will be a slow process, but it is one I enjoy.


Latest Inspirations

You never know what will inspire you, here are some of the things that have inspired me.

“Make all your decisions based on the person you want to become, rather than on your present situation.” Dr. Paul Homely


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