Northwest Farm Terrier’s don’t all look the same. My dog happens to be a tri-color. He has a ‘jack russel’ coloring. I recently met another Farm Terrier who was a spotted brown and white and a little smaller than my boy.

I have also talked to a lot of other people who find my dog’s coloring very unique; his mother was a brown and tan. She also had more of the Airedale features. He was still with two litter mates who were both dual colored; with interesting markings.

I think that much like a husky, these dogs tend to have a uniqueness to their look. The ones I have meet have all had the tails that curl up; however, I also know this is dependent on their ‘moods’. The tail is¬†definitely¬†a good indicator of what mood my pup is in.

Enjoy some of the photos (I will be adding more):

Here are the ones from when he was about twelve weeks old and playing with my parent’s dog.


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