No Flowers Required Cari Quinn

This is a well written “lust/love at first sight” book.  ($2.99) There are a few steamy scenes. The book is 468 pages (approximately). Currently I have it loaned out from my nook library.

I would say this is a simple “girl meets boy, girls wants boys, girl gets boy” story with a few twists in it. Such as girl has no clue who boy really is.

This is a pretty straight forward read; with the sex scenes being a bit more detailed than in just an ‘old-fashioned’ romance book. It is very well-written with a good story-line, and a possible “second” follow up with not the same characters but cross-over characters.

So if you are in the mood for no-brainer romance with some hot ‘under the collar” scenes. This is a book for you.

I am giving it five stars for just being the type of book it is suppose to be and the story line not being “too” complex.

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