Madly, Book 1 (Madly Series),   Madly & Wolfhardt (Madly, Book 2) & Madly & the Jackal (Madly Series, Book 3) – by M. Leighton

The first book, Madly, is a free download. The next two books are $2.99/ea. and there will be another book following.  What I liked about this series is the uniqueness of it. It is about the Mer (mermaids) and it is the first book of this particular mythos I have read.

The story is well written and quick good. What I didn’t like about it was the length. All three books are approximately 125 (eBook) pages long. This makes for a very short read. While the series is left open to the possibility of another six in the series. I felt that the author could have quiet easily afforded to combine the books with no trouble at all and made it just one book.

You can call me “cheap” (although I prefer frugal) but I don’t like buying a book that has so few pages for what I feel is a .99 cent read. The reason for this, is that it takes me less than a day to read a book of this size, and while the story line is quite interesting, I was hoping that the paid books would be a bit longer for the price. I knew after downloading the second book and seeing how short it was, that the third book would probably be as short. However, I tend to be a completionist, and got the third one as well.

I read a LOT of books; and tend to read quickly. Therefore, I probably won’t remember to go back and read the fourth book; as even though the story line is very open to the continuation in the series, the price per page will keep me from buying it.

The first two books are everyone friendly. The third book has several sex scenes, that are descriptive enough to not be child friendly. (There is a notice about this on the third book.)

If you aren’t a frugal money person like I am, then I would definitely recommend the read. It is unique enough to be enjoyable. It is well written and a good quick read.

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