I really don’t have a specific genre that I am locked into. I enjoy a vast array of books, and therefore I won’t limit what I read for the most part. There are certain moral lines that I have drawn in what I will read.

I read romance novels (of course), paranormal, sci-fi, some horror (not as much as when I was younger) etc. I grew up reading Danielle Steele and Stephen King, as these were some of my favorite authors. I think that way they created the world so it was easy to walk into and become absorbed in. I have also developed my own personal “code” which is either read the book or see the movie, but never both, as you will be disappointed. There are very, very few movies which live up to what an author has written.

Even though Stephen King’s books have been made into movies, the only one I can think of (off the top of my head) that came close to what he wrote would have been Misery. When I read “It” I knew there was no way that a movie could be produced to the depths of the written words in that book. After seeing the movies, and comparing them, I decided to very rarely watch a movie after I read the book.

I did watch Eragon, which was excellently written, and sure enough the movie just did not do the book justice. I think when a movie is made prior to the writing of the book, that is the only time they really line up. The only exception to this that I know if would be the Twilight Series, and those movies have pretty much lined up verbatim with the books. So in that case, you don’t need to read the book, just see the movie(s).

Anyway, I am going to work out the “genre” for the book reviews to make it easier to figure out what category they would be under. In some cases, they will be under multiple categories and in others, until I figure out what I am doing with my reviews, they may come under the category “undecided” as I am not sure how to qualify them.

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