I just read these three books by Carla Swafford. They are “stand alone” books, but I am putting them together; as they do refer to characters you meet in the first book.

The series follows a group of assassins who worked under the banner of “the circle’ organization. Each story follows a specific woman. In circle of Desire, she happens to be a top assassin; Circle of Danger, the main character is a lot softer character who wants to become an assasin and the third book, Circle of Deception, the main character is a woman who has hidden her past and her job from those she is close to. In all three books, the leading men in the books are very strong; both physically and mentally, and stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

I enjoyed these three books as they had a great story-line, along with enough ‘romance’ to keep me happy.


*The sex is descriptive enough to warrant and 18 or older notation.

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